The most up to date advice from Bowls England, regarding coronavirus and opening of the clubhouse, is accessed via this link: 


File: BowlsEnglandcovid_19_supplementary_guidance_2July20.pdf



Coronavirus Poem


It seeks us here it seeks us there,

The virus seeks us everywhere,

You cannot hear it, there is no smell,

If you stand too close, it will get you as well,

Called coronavirus is this infection,

It waits silently, without detection,

It lives on many surfaces, waiting for your hands.


Who you are, it does not care,

Be you woman, child or man,

So keep your distance, six feet or more,

To shut the virus outside your door,

When entering from the street outside,

Wash your hands, so to survive,

Take on board what the NHS are saying,

It cuts the risk of the virus slaying,

Wash your hands, rub well with soap,

It kills the virus and gives us hope.


Thank you NHS heroes.