Posted on 22nd September, 2018
How do I thank everybody who has sent me        
good wishes for a speedy recovery?  I know,
I’ll write something in the Club Blog, although
I wonder how many people actually look at
the Blog.


Never mind, here goes – I have now been home

for two weeks, having spent 7 weeks in hospital. 

What should have been a straightforward knee

replacement operation turned, via a projectile

vomit, into an oesophageal tear, two heart attacks,

a stroke, pneumonia, pulmonary embolism,

sepsis and kidney infection.


However I am now on the road to recovery and am confident that I shall be bowling again next season.  It meant a great deal to me to know that so many of our friends were thinking of me and also all the offers of help that were sent to Lynda.


So – thank you one and all – see you at the AGM.

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Very glad to hear that after all your traumas you are at last on the mend. It will be great to meet up with you again on the bowls green at the earliest opportunity. Best wishes to both you and Lynda

Dave Holland
p.s Er ... how's the knee?
Great to see you back home again, Tony. You look well in the picture. (I notice you've kept your legs out of shot. As one who saw them unclad at QA, I applaud your consideration for the sensibilities of our members!)
Keep up the recovery, be a model patient for your live-in nurse, and we all look forward to seeing you in action again next season.
Glad to see that you are looking so well now Tony. You have truly been through the mill and back again. We have no doubt at all that you will be back to full strength and bowling next year. It’s nice that you have a dedicated nurse to look after you and to make sure you continue to improve.
We wish you well, take care!

Jenny and Barry Day 😊
It is fantastic to know you are on the mend and I for one will look forward to next season and bowling with you again. Take good care of yourself during the winter ahead.